Chef’n Palm Zester

I know it may seem trivial but having a good citrus zester is important if you are a citrus lover like me. I’ve used the handled zesters and microplanes but when I found this palm zester from Chef’n I knew it was for keeps.  While it is small, it is very efficient and what I like most is that the zest stays contained in the little chamber. You just have to dump it into your dish directly instead of finding every last bit of zest on your counter.



  1. Lenny

    Does it zest into strips or like a microplane (tiny gratings I guess)?

    1. dishnthekitchen

      Actually there is just one line of graters on the zester so you can control how long you want the strips to be. They are quite fine but if you want could be the entire length of the citrus if you grate it in one fell swoop. Another reason why I like this gadget!

      1. Lenny

        awesome thank you!

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