Chicken and Dumplings


Sometimes I get the what to do for dinner blues.  Often, it’s 4pm before I even think about what to make and sometimes the result is not pretty. Tonight I peered into the fridge for inspiration and found last night’s roast chicken still in the pan with roasted potatoes and gelled chicken juices. And beside that stood yet another ‘magic’ chicken; take away from Costco last week that we never got around to eating. Two half chickens make a whole right?

I had hubby get all the meat off the carcasses and chop it into bite sized pieces. While he did that I sweated a diced onion in a dutch oven and had another look to see what kind of vegetables I could throw in the stew portion. Green beans, parsnips, frozen corn…sounds like dinner! After the onions were softened I added the gelled chicken juices and chicken, a diced parsnip and cut beans. I added three cups of chicken stock and let it simmer for about ten minutes. Then I added the left over roasted potatoes and corn.

During this time I had a mild panic attack because it seemed like I had misplaced my dumpling recipe.  This  recipe is a very old cherished recipe passed down from my grandma. It is so special to me because it is one of the first things  she taught me how to make. I must have been really small because I remember standing on a stool to help her drop the dumplings into the boiling stew. When I look back now to the hours I spent ‘helping’ her in the kitchen I realize how patient she was and how much she loved me. One time, I made ‘flour soup’ with most of the flour she had, mixed with water and lots of pepper and salt. It must have taken her forever to clean up that glorified glop. Anyway, hubby went through all of the recipe cards and eventually found the recipe. Just in time.

Grandma’s Parsley Dumplings

2 1/2 cups flour

1/2 tsp salt

1 tbsp baking powder

1 tbsp parsley

3/4 cup of milk

Mix all the dry ingredients, then add the milk and mix again. Drop by spoon onto surface of simmering stew and cover. Do not open the lid for 12 minutes.

Normally, there is enough flour in the dumplings to thicken the stew but the amount of liquid I put in tonight was too much to allow the stew to thicken. You can add something to thicken it if you wish. This recipe is perfect for those nights when you want some comfort from your grandma. It takes less than an hour to pass on the love.


For Grandma Leaderhouse. Love you always.

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