In My Kitchen – March 2015

I’ve been fairly busy with many events recently and my ‘kitchen time’ has decreased dramatically. The family still has to eat though, and my daughter is starting to become quite the little sous chef, helping me out when she can.  She leans mostly towards vegetarian dishes and vegan eating and sometimes there is a bit of resistance within the family to this style of eating. Not that I have anything against beans or legumes BUT not for three meals in a row (we had to eat steak for the fourth evening) but my son might…he doesn’t feel entirely satisfied by bean burgers after a two hour football practice and I really can’t blame him. The growing boy needs his meat!

The first vegetables of the spring season are beginning to appear at markets in Calgary and even though none can really be labelled as ‘local’, they still bring the promise of spring. We have the first of the Californian asparagus, some gorgeous BC hedgehog mushrooms from Fifth Element Fine Foods, and these really strange horsetail buds. Apparently you peel the outer rough layer off and steam or sauté them for a nutty little treat.horsetails047

I have two cakes for you this month! They are sure to appeal to anyone’s sweet tooth whether or not you like your sweets to include chocolate or citrus flavours.choccake2

This Chocolate Carrot Cake with Chocolate Cream Cheese icing has been near and dear to my heart for 20 years now. It all started back in university when I would go out for a treat at a nearby restaurant located just off campus. My love for this cake has withstood midterms and finals, becoming a mom, moving cities, moving provinces, and moving countries! One of the last things I ate before we moved to Australia was this cake. I’ve been begging for the recipe since the very first time I ate it and they have never divulged their secret cake recipe to me. Until now. All it took was for me to turn 40 I guess. My daughter is old enough so that I finally don’t have to make my own birthday cake anymore (I love baking cakes but it’s always nice to be baked for too!) and thoughtful enough to phone the restaurant directly and ask for the recipe. She mentioned that it was for her mum’s 40th birthday and they gave her the recipe!! Not only did she get the recipe I’ve been trying for 20 years to get, she made an absolute stunner of a cake. I’m still floored!chiffoncakeThen there was this Lemon Chiffon Cake that I made for a friend’s birthday. I find that when I start baking with citrus, it usually means that spring is just around the corner. It seems to be an automatic mood lifter.doughnutsI’m not a big fan of deep fried foods, but I sure do love doughnuts. I have been wanting to buy a doughnut baking pan for a while now and I finally found one that I liked. I woke up one Sunday morning to find my daughter had tested out the new pan before I did! She made these delicious gluten free almond and strawberry doughnuts with chocolate glaze. I think I’ll leave the doughnut experimenting to her from now on.magazinesAnd finally In My Kitchen, some new reading material from Chapters bookstore.  I’ve heard so much about the Where Women Cook magazine but have never been able to track one down until now. I also found the premiere issue of Sift, which is a publication by King Arthur Flour.

What’s going on in your kitchen this month?

If you’d like to see more from other kitchens around the world or take part in this fun monthly post club,  head on over to visit our gracious host Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.


  1. @ChristineSalins (FoodWineTravel)

    Horsetail buds – now there’s an ingredient I haven’t come across before. I’d love to know more about it!

    1. dishnthekitchen

      I’m afraid I can’t tell you much more other than they were eaten by First Nations and apparently the Romans. I have a really bad cold so I couldn’t taste them but the kids enjoyed them as they were a bit nutty, except for the large ones which were bitter. They contain a lot of silica so your teeth feel a bit coated after you eat them.

  2. NapoliRestaurantAlert

    Those mushrooms look wonderful! Riostto beckons

    1. dishnthekitchen

      They were delicious and that is exactly what we had, risotto!

  3. Albatz Travel Adventures

    Wow, horsetail buds as food. I think they are up right now so I might go out for a bit of foraging today. I was taught that because of the silica (sand) they were good as scrubbies for cleaning icky pots and pans when we were out camping. They weren’t gritty?

    1. dishnthekitchen

      yes, they were a bit…our teeth felt a bit coated after we ate them. I bet they would be great pot scrubbers! It’s not something I would eat on a regular basis as they would surely wear your teeth down.

  4. Kirsty

    Oh my Bernice, that chocolate carrot cake looks sensational! so glossy and lush. How sweet of the restaurant to give the recipe, and for your lovely daughter to bake it for you. I’m sure you will have fond memories of that moment forever. Thanks for the peek into your world, cheers Kirsty xx

    1. dishnthekitchen

      Thank you Kirsty. I’m really very proud of the young woman she is becoming…of course we do butt heads as any mother/daughter do but over all she’s lovely. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. The Food Marshall

    Bernice, what a fantastic introduction to your kitchen. Your cakes, are beautiful, I have cake envy. Your photo’s are lovely. I’m off to read your other posts 🙂

    1. dishnthekitchen

      Thank you very much! and thanks for visiting 🙂

  6. sherry from sherrys pickings

    horsetail buds? so interesting. not sure i want to eat them tho. that choc cake looks wonderful. how lovely to have your daughter make it for you. we are still in the throes of a hot autumn; i think winter is never coming. just had a big storm this morning due i think to the cyclone up north. always interesting weather here in Oz:)

    1. dishnthekitchen

      yes, I never quite got used to the poorly defined seasons In Australia. I think there were supposed to be something like 9 in WA.

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