A Very Cherry Mess

Anything that I have ever made whose recipe has come from  David Lebovitz has been AMAZING! The recipes are written clearly, are easy to follow and produce some very delicious results. I toyed with the idea of baking a traditional birthday cake for ‘new adult’ (formerly known as kid number three) on his 19th birthday but this recent post from David Lebovitz caught my eye. I could hardly contain my excitement as I followed each step and I got so excited, that I forgot to add the Candied Almonds on each layer. I think they served their purpose just as well being stationed there at the top.


I loved the taste of the cherries with just a splash of red wine.


The meringues turned out really well though I started this portion of the recipe last. If you are going to try this recipe, don’t start the meringues last! They take an hour and a half to bake.


I didn’t have any amaretto in the liquor cabinet and there ‘s a good reason why I don’t keep it around…but I asked hubby to pick some up on the way home from work and I think adding it to the whipping cream is a super delicious idea! If I make this again, I would add a bit more 🙂



I’m glad new adult has lived his 19 years the way he has and I’m very proud to be his mum. He has a ‘can do’ and ‘ready to take on the world attitude’ that will surely take him far. Not too far from home I hope, then who will I cook for?


  1. cathyandchucky

    YUM! Wonderful looking cake. Did everyone just dig in with a spoon? In our house we would have done this! Hahahaha!:D


  2. Anna

    I love Eton mess, which is very similar! Anything with meringues is a winner in my books 🙂


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